Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Whirlwind and a Crash

Yesterday was the first day of school for our students.  I helped students find their classrooms when the school doors opened in the morning, went around and checked on some of my ESL students and worked on scheduling with Mrs. Pokey.   The whole day was a whirlwind from start to finish.  I felt as if I should have been wearing roller skates instead of shoes.  The school is not that large, but I zoomed around all day.  Whew! 

I left work about 5 o'clock and was ready to see Mr. Gumby.  I thought we could have some grilled pork chops, a nice salad and some fresh green beans from our garden for supper.  I started on my trip home and drove about a mile before C-R-A-S-H!!!  An elderly man rear-ended my car as I was waiting for a pickup truck to turn right at a stoplight!  I was driving Younger Son's car.  (Hey, it's better on gas than my usual Mom Mobile minivan!)   As it would happen, I was right in front of the car dealership where we bought his vehicle a few years ago. 

After the police came and issued the man a citation for crashing the front end of his car into the back end of my car, Mr. Gumby (my Knight in Shining Armor who came to pick me up and listen to my tearful tale of woe) slowly drove the wounded car into the dealership's body shop.  We left the poor thing there. 

I don't have the guts/courage/heart to call Younger Son at college and let him know his car is damaged.  I think we'll wait until it's fixed and THEN tell him.  Yes, I am a chicken. 

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