Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tomato Explosion

It's a tomato explosion at the Gumby house!  Our itty bitty raised garden has about the dimensions of a queen sized bed, but we have tomatoes everywhere.   We planted five tomato seedlings earlier in the spring:  one cherry tomato, two Better Boys and two Celebrity plants.  All have survived and are thriving.  It's certainly not from any particular type of tender loving care, though.  We're pretty much  "plant 'em and ignore 'em"  gardeners.  We'll water occasionally when it's really dry and pull a few weeds now and then, but that's about all.

Mr. Gumby grew up on a farm, so I think puttering around in a little garden must appeal to his farm boy roots. He comes home from his high tech geeky job, takes a walk out in the yard with the dog and checks out the garden.   I knew I was in trouble when he started coming in and saying, "Wow!  There sure are a lot of green tomatoes out there."  I figured the squirrels would eat them or we'd get some sort of tomato rot, like other years.  Nope.  Not this year.  Mr. Gumby has started coming in with handfuls of tomatoes and now Younger Son has started to accompany his dad on the evening inspection.  A couple of evenings ago, Mr. G and YS came in with so many tomatoes they had to start piling them in their shirt tails!

I gave some away to teacher friends on Thursday at an inservice, ate sliced tomatoes and fried zucchini for dinner, made several batches of fresh tomato sauce (one of Younger Son's favorite recipes) and still have a kitchen counter full.  I know I can take some to the local food pantry tomorrow, too.   However, as Mr. G, Older Son and Younger Son were headed out of the house early this morning for an Indy Car race, they yelled up the stairs,  "Hey, Mom!  You'd better go out and pick more tomatoes today!  There are a bunch more ready!!" 

Sigh!  Does anybody have any good tomato recipes to share??  Help!!

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