Friday, August 12, 2011


Today, Mrs. Pokey and I met with the Principal.  We went through our student lists and made sure we hadn't missed any students.  Sometimes kids "fall through the cracks" and don't get identified in a timely fashion. 

Mrs. Pokey is going to have to move rooms for this school year, so we checked out the alternative space today.  It's not perfect, but we can make it work.  Looks like the custodian, the principal and Mrs. Pokey's kids and husband will be assisting her with the moving since Mrs. Pokey has a hurt knee right now.  God bless Mr. Pokey and the Pokey kids for helping!!! 

I may need to get Mrs. Pokey a jeep so she can zoom around the school.   Wonder if Principal would go for that??  Hmmmmm. 

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  1. Hey Gumby Gal, hope your first week was as good as mine!