Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Empty Nest

The nest is empty. 

Yes, Mr. Gumby and I spent the day moving Younger Son to college.  I know he'll be fine, but it's hard to let him go.   Our Older Son did just fine at Mega Gigantic State University, but we knew it wouldn't be the right fit for Younger Son.  He's now at Middle Sized Private College. 

He went back a week early because he's going to participate in the marching band.  After paying the fees for band, we waited for him while he filled out paperwork, tried on uniforms and chose his school owned instrument.  Then an upperclass band mentor helped us move him into his dorm room.  I have to was VERY well organized. 

I helped Younger Son make his bed, put away his clothes and organize his desk area while Dad took care of making sure his computer connected to the network and to the printer we brought.  Younger Son is on his own for figuring how to connect the PS3 and the television.  We ate lunch (provided by the band) with him and then headed out when it was time.  I waited to cry until Mr. Gumby and I were alone in the van on our way out of the parking lot.

When we got home, the house seemed so empty and quiet without Younger Son.  However, as I walked into the house, I found a text message waiting for me on my cell phone.  It was from my friend, Mrs. Pokey.  She said, "Remember, you gave him the wings.  Now it is time for him to fly." 

Thanks, Mrs. Pokey, for your wise words.  I needed them today.


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