Saturday, October 29, 2011


Where is Mary Poppins when you need her?  Sometimes I think it would be great if we teachers could have access to a child advocate like her.  You know, someone we could send in to a child's home and help straighten out the parents. 

My students are elementary age.  They need help organizing their homework, knowing when to go to bed and when to get up.  They need someone to provide them (consistantly) with healthy food, clean clothing and medical and dental care.   But most of all, they need someone to make sure they get to school ON TIME!  EVERY DAY!!

I sat in on a parent meeting a few days ago for a student of mine.  In the first four years of his school career (three of which were not at our school), he has missed 59 days and was tardy 151 times.  Say what???  Holy Cow!! 

He's a great kid and I really enjoy his great sense of humor and kindness to others. But it's no wonder he's so far behind and struggling in school.  I have a difficult time sitting across the table from his parents.  I just want to reach over and say, "What on earth are you thinking???  How can a child succeed when he's either not at school or is tardy so often???  Hello!!  Wake up and start being parents!" 

Sigh...I need Mary Poppins.  Please. 


  1. Maybe you could encourage the kid to set an alarm clock... go over alarm clock setting in class with everyone. Alarm clocks are cheap to get and if you hand them out as "door prizes" and ensure that this one kid gets one...then you can encourage him to set it at home, to get himself up, and encourage him to catch the bus.... at least then he could be on time for school and have an opportunity to get himself breakfast.

  2. Man, I'm so with you there Mrs. Gumby. Our problem isn't so much with our bus riders but our kids who are driven to school and dropped off by their parents. Egads! Makes you want to just reach out and smack somebody.