Thursday, October 13, 2011

Word Callers

At school we are doing a professional book study on Word Callers by Kelly Cartwright.  For next week's class, I have to assess three students.  One is supposed to be a higher level reader, another an average reader and the third a lower level reader.  I probably won't do all English Language Learners, though.  I have several classroom teachers who have offered to let me assess their students. 

We tried the initial assessment on each other at this week's class.  It's interesting to see how different people categorized the cards. There are at least seven different sets of cards that come with the book.  The initial assessment consists of watching students categorize a set of cards into four groups.  The students are timed on how quickly they catagorize the cards.  Also, the students tell the assessor why they chose the groups and how the cards are related.  

It should be interesting!  Stay tuned as I learn more about students who are "word callers" when they read. 

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