Monday, November 14, 2011


Recently, Mrs. Pokey spearheaded a wonderful service learning project funded by the King Arthur Flour Company.  It is called the Life Skills Bread Baking Program.  Last year our school participated and this year Mrs. Pokey did it with her other school.  

According to the King Arthur website,  "the FREE Life Skills Bread Baking Program has reached more than 155,000 students nationwide since it began in 1992, providing kids with a fun, real-world application for skills they’re already learning in school – math, science, reading, planning, problem solving, and more. And they get to use their new skill to help people in their community."

The King Arthur folks send out a person to demonstrate how to make bread and then provide all the ingredients (including flour, yeast, a dough scraper and a handy little cookbook) for the students to take home to make bread for themselves and for others. 

The whole goal of the project is to teach children (grades 4-7) how to help others in a very concrete way.  Each participant takes home the ingredients and directions.  They make two loaves of bread at home and bring one back to school the next day.  The bread is donated to a local charity such as a food pantry.


On Friday, Mrs. Pokey and the fourth and fifth grade leadership students took over 240 loaves of bread to our local food pantry.  The bread will be frozen and then distributed to families for Thanksgiving.  Of course, as the outstanding educator she is, Mrs. Pokey involved the leadership students in delivering the bread to the pantry, weighing it, helping to freeze it and in reporting back to the other students.  She also had the leadership students make a powerpoint they will use when talking to the other fourth and fifth graders. 

Brava, Mrs. Pokey!  Brava!


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