Thursday, September 29, 2011


I enjoy listening to children and their malapropisms.

Just the other day, Miss Tiara shared a funny story about one of our shared students.  She had become quite angry with Humming Boy.  Instead of working on a writing assignment, he had been goofing off.  She rarely gets angry, but Humming Boy had annoyed her greatly.  At the end of the class, he finally realized she was angry with him and blurted out, "But next time, Miss Tiara, I promise to write in my very best KERCHIEF!"

Yes, he meant cursive. 

Miss Tiara  managed to make it out of the classroom before she laughed. 

Humming Boy will be happy to know that our state department of education is considering eliminating cursive handwriting instruction.  I'm not sure how I feel about it, frankly.  I know it's important to be able to communicate thoughts effectively in written form, but for English Language Learners cursive handwriting is more difficult to decipher than printing.  Hmmmmmm.  I'm still on the fence.


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