Sunday, September 11, 2011

Football Weekend

Mr. Gumby and I traveled this weekend to see Younger Son march at his first college football game.  Call me an excited parent!!  Woooo-hooo!  I love to see my kid in a marching band! 

We arrived at Middle Sized Private College's stadium in time to find our seats and to see the pre-game festivities.  Mr. Gumby and I played "Find the Son in the Band" and spotted him several times throughout the pre-game and later in the halftime show.  We are very proud parents, to say the least.

At the end of the game, we waited while the band, cheerleaders and football team sang the school's alma mater together and then we headed out of the stadium to meet Younger Son.  I found him and gave him a hug.  I think he was glad to see us and asked if we had brought along more shampoo and bodywash for him.  (He lost the other bottles of bodywash and shampoo in the showers in the dorm.)  I said, "Yes, we did."  Then, Father Gumby spoke up and said, "Well, do you want us to take you out for dinner?"  Younger Son looked at us and said, "Ummmm.  I have plans tonight." 


So, Mr. Gumby walked to the car and got the bodywash and shampoo, while I waited for Younger Son to put away his band instrument and take off his uniform.  We gave him his bag of supplies, hugged him again and then headed back to the car to go home.

In the car, Mr. Gumby and I looked at each other and then started to laugh.  We decided that although we were a little disappointed Younger Son didn't want to go to dinner with us, we are happy he is enjoying college life and making new friends. 

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