Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Nest Fills Back Up

The nest was empty for only a short while before it filled back up again.  Younger Son is away at college, but Older Son is b-a-c-k!  He graduated from Mega Gigantic State University and promptly obtained a job in his field of study.  However, it is a contract position and not a permanent one.  He’s working at a well respected company and the experience will increase his knowledge and look good on a future resume.  However, it doesn’t pay as well as he had hoped. 

So, Father and I asked him if he wanted to move back home for a few months.   He reluctantly agreed after he worked through his finances and discovered that the free room and board offered at the Gumby house would enable him to save a lot of money in order to pay off some student loans. 
When his campus apartment lease ran out, he moved home.  After five years of college, the kid has a huge collection of “stuff”.  He’s moved some into the basement, some into the larger bedroom upstairs and there is still a bunch of junk in my living room!  It looks like a scene from the TV show about hoarders.  Ugh.

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