Monday, August 5, 2013

We've Been Skunked!!

Yes, the Gumby house reeks this morning with the smell of SKUNK!   Yikes!!!!

Mr. Gumby let Max the Wonder Dog outside this morning at 5 AM as usual.   When Max came back in the dog was gagging and foaming at the mouth.

Mr. Gumby came upstairs to our bedroom, woke me up and said, "Help me!  The dog's been skunked!"

Apparently, a skunk lives nearby and was out in the backyard at the same time Max was out.  Max got a blast in the face from the skunk and BOY does Max smell nasty!! Blech!!!

We quickly threw Max into the tub and began showering him off.  Imagine, if you will, a gagging Mr. Gumby in his underwear, a gagging bleary-eyed Mrs. Gumby in her nightgown and a pathetic looking dog all in the shower and bathtub.  We rinsed and shampooed and rinsed and shampooed and rinsed and shampooed and rinsed the dog over and over again.

I called the local afterhours veterinarian service and they suggested a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and liquid dish soap as a shampoo.  Unfortunately, I don't keep hydrogen peroxide on hand .  Guess I'll need to get some for any future skunkings!  They also suggested boiling white vinegar on the stove to help rid the house of the skunk smell.

So far, I'm not seeing any difference after boiling the vinegar.  My house stinks.  And, I've been up since 5 AM.  I am not a morning person!!  Grrrrrrrrr!  I hate skunks.


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